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Genuine insights, tangible results, actionable content and an impressive track record. That's what South Africa's leading sales expert, Shelley Walters, brings to your conference.
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Tired of hitting the same old roadblocks in your sales journey?

Feeling stuck in outdated methodologies while drowning in admin tasks? Book Shelley Walters, Africa's top recommended sales speaker and expert, for your next event. 



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Shelley is a sales BEAST. So privileged to have her speak at our conference!

Shelley's message is targeted and spot on, and her delivery is FLAWLESS and to be envied. I highly recommend her!


Fresh Insights

Gain access to Shelley's cutting-edge perspectives and new approaches to sales that will transform your strategy.

Highly-Engaging Content

Experience riveting presentations filled with compelling stories, real-world examples, and interactive elements that captivate your audience.

Neuro-scientific Approach

Unlock the secrets of the human brain to understand buyer behavior better and leverage neuroscience-backed techniques to boost your sales effectiveness.

Practical & Tactical

Receive actionable advice and proven strategies that you can implement immediately to drive results in your sales efforts.

Ignite Your Sales Team

Spark motivation, enthusiasm, and a renewed sense of purpose in your sales force, empowering them to achieve their full potential.

Award-Winning Speaker

Benefit from the expertise and insights of a renowned industry leader, recognized for excellence and innovation in sales speaking.

Sales Keynotes and Workshops

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The Future of Sales

Dive into the future of selling with Shelley as she explores the evolving sales landscape and the crucial role that technology will play in shaping it. Learn why ignoring trends could cost you customers and revenue.
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Unlocking Your Competitive Advantage

Discover contemporary productivity best practices in the age of AI. Shelley reveals strategies to overcome distractions and focus on what truly matters in sales, ensuring your business's growth agenda remains on track.
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Boosting B2B Sales Success

Explore the power of artful persuasion backed by neuroscience. Shelley delves into the latest research to uncover how understanding brain processes can revolutionize your sales techniques and drive unparalleled success.
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Maximising Sales Performance

Uncover overlooked drivers that cost companies revenue. Join us for a dynamic keynote on 'Beyond the Metrics,' where you'll gain valuable insights crucial to building sustainable sales success and fostering a culture of confidence within your team.

What Your Audience Can Expect

Professional Presentations
Timeous & Expert Brief
Impactful Slide Design
Relevant data & anecdotes
Audience Interaction
Use of technology
Downloads of Slides & Cheat Sheets
Customized Promotional Material
Immediately Actionable Content

Don't just take our word for it!

Hear from satisfied clients who've experienced the transformative impact of Shelley's keynotes and workshops. Join successful businesses worldwide who've benefited from her expertise.
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Shelley’s session on sales and leadership at our most recent dealer conference was impactful. Her insight and expertise provided invaluable information to our partners in an engaging manner.

Des Van den Berg
Sales & Network Director, Volkswagen Middle East
Shelley was a perfect fit for our business coaches masterclass on breaking the hamster wheel of selling or delivering. She was thorough, generous with her knowledge and experience and she kept the delegates engaged both online and in the room.

Liza Illingworth
Founder & Managing Director, Saving the World One Entrepreneur at a Time

Meet Shelley

Africa's Top Recommended Sales Speaker

With over 25 years of B2B sales experience spanning multiple industries, Shelley is not just a sales expert – she's a sales evangelist on a mission to empower professionals like you. As the brains behind The Sales Counsel and Africa's first Remote Selling School, Shelley's empowers thousands of delegates globally to unlock their full sales potential.
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Shelley's was inducted into the PSASA Educator's Hall of Fame in 2023, achieved the prestigious PWC Gender Mainstreaming Award for Most Inclusive Leader: Entrepreneur in 2019 and the third finalist in the category of Positive Role Model. She has twice represented South Africa at the Annual International Women in Sales Awards in Europe.

B2B Sales Expert

With an impressive track record of commercial experience as a sales leader, course creator, keynote speaker, and training facilitator, Shelley has empowered individuals, groups, and audiences worldwide to achieve their sales potential and succeed at every stage of the sales process.

Experienced Facilitator

Shelley is a seasoned professional speaker, having presented on 5 continents, over 22 countries and to over 20 000 delegates.

Trailblazing Track Record

Shelley is the founder and CEO of The Sales Counsel and the creator of Africa's first Remote Selling School
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Ready to take your sales game to the next level? 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to sales success. Book Shelley Walters for your next event today and gear up for a transformational experience!

What our audience says

We have been doing business with Shelley for many years. She has become the foremost sales guru, coaching our sales teams into the new normal by providing simple and practical solutions. As a business, we are extremely happy to be associated with Shelley and her team.

Jacques De Villiers
Head: Commercial at Aon
Shelley is a gifted sales expert and an outstanding keynote speaker. Her attention to detail, quality of content and delivery style ensures everyone leaves with tangible and concrete takeaways. In particular, I was impressed by her preparation and willingness to align with our business and value proposition which maximized the value delivered to our partners.

Dani Girolami
Global Network Development & Franchise Marketing Manager at Expense Reduction Analysts
Shelley carries out her speaking engagements with utmost professionalism and positivity. She shares a wealth of knowledge is recommended without hesitation because of the impact she delivers.


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