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If you are looking for real results then dive into our 7-Day Pipeline Power-Up Sales Sprint. It's all action, all results – zero fluff. This challenge, designed for busy adult learners makes use of a blend of learning methods.

Experience the Pipeline Power-Up Sales Sprint: Dive into a mix of live masterclasses, self-paced online modules, and hands-on application challenges. Gain mastery with unique tools and community engagement, exploring extensive sales techniques.

Are you tired of sending countless emails and making endless calls with little to no response?
It's time to change that. Our specialized training is designed to turn your prospecting efforts into real, scheduled meetings with qualified prospects. In just one week, you'll master practical skills and strategies that will create momentum in your pipeline. 

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KICK-OFF: 1st February 2024 | LIVE SESSIONS: 09:30am Daily

Elevate Your Sales Skills in only 7 Days!

This 7-Day Pipeline Power-Up Sales Sprint is not just a course; it's a transformative experience, meticulously crafted to boost your sales skills and elevate your career. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just stepping into the world of sales, this challenge is your gateway to mastering the art.

Discover Daily Actionable Lessons: From setting impactful goals to mastering client engagement, personal branding, and networking – every day brings practical, real-world strategies you can apply immediately.

Tailored for Today's Market: We’ve designed this program to build a comprehensive sales skill set, making you a formidable player in today's competitive landscape.

Join a Community of Driven Professionals: Join our exclusive Facebook group, a supportive community that’s part of this challenge. Connect with peers, share insights, and get that extra dose of motivation you need. It’s a space where learning meets encouragement.

Personal Growth Meets Professional Development: This sprint uniquely blends skill enhancement with personal growth. Dive into activities like vision board creation and introspective exercises, aligning your personal ambitions with your professional objectives. This balance between intensive learning and self-reflection promises a dynamic, burnout-free experience.

Learn Advanced Sales Techniques: Get a deep dive into strategies that make a difference.

Explore Personal Branding Insights: Learn to present yourself as the go-to expert in your field.

Sharpen Effective Networking Skills: Expand your professional circle with meaningful connections.

Ready To Step Up?

If you're eager to transform your sales approach and emerge as a top-tier sales professional, this is your moment. Sign up for the Pipeline Power-Up Sales Sprint now and secure meaningful future sale opportunities. 

Your Ticket To Sales Mastery in 7-Days 

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What makes THIS CHALLENGE different

An Integrated Approach

Well-Rounded Focus
The challenge addresses various key aspects - goal setting, organization, client engagement, personal branding, and networking. This holistic approach is crucial in building a well-rounded sales skill set.
Practical and Actionable Steps
Each day is structured with clear, actionable steps, making it easy for participants to follow and implement.
Incorporation of Personal Development
Including activities like creating a vision board and personal reflection aligns personal goals with professional aspirations, which is vital for long-term success.
Balance of Activities
The mix of intensive tasks (like CRM reviews and email campaigns) with more reflective or creative tasks (like vision board creation) helps maintain engagement without causing burnout.

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Glowing endorsements from our delegates

Blown away by practical, relevant content!

"This is the first time I enrolled in a sales course, so I actually did not know what to expect and had no expectation other than to learn new skills and develop in this area. I started this specific course with an open mind and must admit that I was more than pleasantly surprised with the course content and was totally blown away by the practical, relevant instructions and information that were shared. It was very professional, thought invoking, informative, undoubtedly inspiring and I gained knowledge and insight that will most certainly aid and benefit me in my career. Thank you very much and well done!”

Odette Strydom – RAM Couriers

The foremost sales guru!

"We have been doing business with Shelley for many years. She has become the foremost sales guru, coaching our sales teams into the new normal by providing simple and practical solutions. As a business, we are delighted to be associated with Shelley and her team."

Jacques De Villiers – General Manager Inland and Region, Aon 

The boot camp was a fantastic experience and course. It is relatable to all industries and allows sales executives to maximize their professional brand and presence. Entering the Digital revolution, the Social selling skills provided by the Sales Counsel have equipped me for ultimate success and enabled me to navigate to find prospects, to identify and quality leads and to shorten the time it takes me to close deals.
Talia Swartbooi, Sales, Aspire Atlantic
The training, support and information received while completing the course with The Sales Counsel was extremely valuable. I was particularly impressed with the combination of theory and practical examples from Shelley and her team. The difference came in the personal engagement and interest the team had for our organisation. I recommend this training to any sales or operational team, as the learnings spread further than sales engagements. Very valuable!
MONIQUE PIENAAR, Client Strategist, Ask Africa 
During the time of remote work as a result of COVID-19, we engaged with Shelley to roll out her Remote Selling School offering to our own staff and brokers. I firmly believe that this decision on our part, contributed immeasurably to our success during 2020. Our internal team is completely comfortable in the digital world now, they are aware of the nuances presented in this unique medium and they are professional and credible Elite brand ambassadors as a result. Shelley is an absolute delight to work with and sets a strong personal example to emulate. Her team is phenomenal and the entire training intervention worked like clockwork. I will recommend Shelley in her capacity as founder of The Remote Selling Group. sales teams coach and professional speaker without hesitation. 
Christelle Coleman, ELITE Risk