Jul 11 • Shelley Walters

Improve Your Client Meetings Today: Framework Included

How have your sales meetings been going lately? Have you found yourself needing a stronger start to keep your clients engaged right from the beginning? We’ve got some simple but powerful tips to share this week that could help you improve the quality of all your meetings. At The Sales Counsel, we’re always looking to provide you with effective strategies to boost your sales performance. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to our Triple A approach—a simple yet powerful framework to optimise your virtual (and in-person) client meetings.
Introducing the Triple-A Framework:

A well-optimised sales meeting can truly make a difference. Here’s how you can ensure you’re making the most out of every interaction:

  • Appreciation: Start by genuinely appreciating your client's time and interest. It sets a positive tone and shows that you value their engagement.
  • Agree: Confirm the time allocated for the meeting. This ensures everyone is on the same page regarding time constraints, helping manage the available time to address the conversation topics.
  • Agenda: Review and align the agenda and outcomes. Ensure everyone understands the agenda and has a chance to clarify their expected outcomes. This alignment maximises the meeting's value for both you and your clients.

At the end of the meeting, use the last 5 minutes to reflect on what was achieved and ensure that the primary objectives have been addressed. Agree on action items, confirm the stakeholders responsible, and agree on timelines. These steps will make opening and running virtual meetings a breeze as you create a more structured, efficient, and engaging meeting experience.